All About Leaders

Young Life's mission is to introduce every teenager to Jesus Christ.   It's leaders who, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, make the mission happen and change the lives of kids. 
Leaders change the lives of middle school kids, high school kids, special needs kids, at-risk kids and teen mom kids.  Every day leaders impact positively on the future of teenagers all over the Grand Valley in ways that make a huge difference now and forever.  Every day leaders impact themselves as well.
If you feel lead to lead, let us know.  You were made for this!!


Hey!  If you are a college student at Mesa State College or anywhere, we have great news for you.  College Life. which is Young Life for college students, is at MSC and we would love to get to know you.
College Life is for those who want to hang out, meet new people, get involved a little or a lot and want to know Jesus better.  There is a way to get involved no matter what your class, work or social schedule is.  We can adapt! 
If you are interested let us know by Contacting Us

Young Life Grand Valley | 2500 Broadway Unit BPMB 223 Grand Junction, CO 81507

Phone: (970) 243-7684

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